Round about the web...some links to share
I haven't posted much on No Child Left Behind here recently because I have another avenue to vent my frustrations with this act. Here are a couple of things I wrote recently, for anyone interested.

Secretary Spellings, do you want your children "left behind?"
This is about her recent op-ed piece in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Spellings plan for higher ed: Track every college student

OK. The title is probably clear enough.

Neal McCluskey, education policy analyst for the Cato Institute had some interesting remarks, as well.

Spunky is having computer problems, but is still managing to keep us updated. For some reason, the web seems quieter when her computer is sick. I found her recent entry on Michigan's gubernatorial candidate interesting. I think the point of campaigning now is to not to commit to anything and try not to upset anyone. Taking a stand for anything is political suicide. What does that say about our culture?

Do you have any good pictures of your preschool children doing preschooly things? Mommy Life is working on a book and needs a few photos. Stop by and check it out and congratulate her!

Also, because I find it so interesting, a survey of posts on the European Court of Human Rights decision regarding homeschooling.

I enjoyed Electric Venom's summary and she shares some good links for more information on what is going on.

Of course, the Brussels Journal reports on it. I should have thought to check there when I was trying to find more information.

Dewey's Treehouse shares her thoughts...summarized by the famous quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

And of course you can always see my thoughts here and here.

God is awesome and always in control. My favorite legalish homeschoooling mom blogger (ok, so I only know one) has been having trouble with her landlord, but has managed to get the electricity turned back on. Background here.

Have you found any interesting reading around the web, recently or have something you want to share? Please leave me a link in the comments!