This one is short, I promise
To anyone who actually read (or attempted to read) my post yesterday, I'm not sure whether to offer my congratulations, my sincerest appreciation or my condolensces. Aside from being called "really amazingly ignorant" by someone over on reddit, I seem to have gotten off easy with my little venting. Probably because it was too long for anyone to actually bother with reading.

While the conversation perhaps started out on a not-so-positive note (and I was surprised she came back after a comment like that...those types of commenters rarely seem to return), she was quite conversational. I enjoy those discussions, even if they seem of little purpose. Anyway, I forgot to add the link to her actual blog. Obviously, she comes from a very different worldview than I, but the photographs are beautiful and well-worth the trip over just to look at them. This one is my favorite.