Carnivals and an interesting blogging tool
The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Sprittibee's place with a great Wild West theme. Get yer spurs on and round up those little doggies fer a little adventure.

The Carnival of Kid Comedy is up at Joy in the Morning.

And the Carnival of Liberty is up at the Socratic Rhythm Method.

Also, I found a new blogging tool that seems interesting. Remember "How to Read a Book" by Mortimer Adler? Well, I guess you could call this "How to Read a Blog." The best principle to follow while reading is to interact with the text. In print, this is a bit easier. You can underline, star and highlight. Online, you just stare. And perhaps bookmark if it is really good. Once in a great while, I might cut and paste something or even (gasp) take notes. But not often. That is when something is REALLY good. allows you to do just what you can do with a book on a web page. As you read, you can highlight and flag words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. You can comment. And you can see how others have marked up the same article. If you want to check it out, just go to any site and add to the end. It seems to still be in a bit of a testing phase, and you won't come across many sites that are marked up. seems to have a fair bit and some of the bigger news sites such as CNN or Reuters. Unfortunately, you have to pay in order to be able to mark up a page, but you can view what others have marked for free. It says to "deposit any amount" so I guess it might be reasonably priced, at least..