Some good websites...and this and that
More planned for later, but I have some interesting links I thought I would share. For some educational activity on these warm sunny days, take a look at creativekidsathome. It looks to have several fun outdoorsy kinds of things to do with your children for fun and education. Also, why not join the experiment that is sweeping the nation? Gotta get some coke and Mentos. Who doesn't want pop volcanoes in their backyard...that can reach up to 20 feet?

I also should be posting the next segment of my freedom and liberty study...this one required a little more preparation as it steps outside my comfort zone of etymology and delves more into the history of the Jewish nation. And I'll be posting the next bit of the Descent Into Unbelief series this weekend.

Also, out of curiosity, have I ever called for the burning down of all public schools? I'm involved in a lot of discussions in a lot of places, but I don't recall ever taking such an extreme position. To be sure, our public education system needs a lot of reform and while I may advocate restructuring, I have never called for its eradication. Is it just me, or is Tracy reading what she wants to read and not what I actually said?

And so long as this seems to be a catch all post, I thought I'd announce that my article on developing and educational philosophy was published by Homeschool Enrichment Magazine and is in their current issue. They also accepted my article on the practical and spiritual advantages of homeschooling. Exciting for me...hopefully someone finds them informative!

Oh, and Spunky has a good post up on testing. I am reading a good book right now..."Standardized Minds" by Peter Sacks. It is kind of funny that it came out a few years before No Child Left could have just as easily been written today. Anyway, look forward to some commentary on our culture's testophilia as I work my way through this very informative book.

And an addition, because this isn't really worth a post of its own. I first heard of reddit from Why Homeschool, but have never looked at it much. I just found out one of my posts was recommended over there. (Not a post from here). Not sure exactly what that means, but it seems kind of cool.