Educating for Jamaica?
I have on numerous occasions mentioned that my main purpose in education is liberty. In fact, you will note it as my goal in my educational philosophy. With that, I mean primarily Christian liberty (salvation) and personal liberty as an effect of the liberty found only through Christ. Off and on, I quote those who have spoken on education. I like the words of John Locke, Noah Webster, and Abraham Lincoln among others. Never did I think that I would be adding to this list the Prime Minister of Jamaica.

Education, the Prime Minister said, must bring about mental and cultural liberation; build confidence and assertiveness in people as well as foster a strong sense of identity, creativity and integrity.

"Education must enable us never to succumb to the notion that excellence, virtue and success are beyond us or determined by others or things foreign," Mrs. Simpson Miller noted.

If education does not achieve this, it is nothing but indoctrination.

I might note, however, that when reporting on education, the Jamaica Information Service might want to pay attention to posting dates. Perhaps a minimum competency test would cure their editors of such errors.

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