Yammaner Worm
The joys of technology. First I find out that IE users cannot view my HSB blog properly because it isn't wrapping text. And my own blog is blocked from my IE so I cannot view it...pesky filter (I forgot the password and my blog isn't ranked so 'tis blocked).

Then I get a bunch of emails that don't make sense. Normally I wouldn't open an email that had a subject line of "New Graphic Site." But it came from someone I know who emails me things now and again. So I thought it was perhaps one of those things where you are thinking what you are thinking and not aware what others might perceive in it when choosing a subject line.

Then my email account started filling up with them. Coming from various people I know...and some failure delivery notices indicating that I, too, was participating in this mass email campaign. Targetting yahoo accounts and yahoo groups. 200 million yahoo accounts affected. Wow.

Here's some information if you are interested:

from Never Yet Melted

and what to do about it.

And if you get something like that from me, please be advised that IT IS NOT FROM ME!!!

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