Way Cool Stuff You Don't Want to Miss
1) Spunky started a blog section in a homeschool wiki. Don't know what all that means at the moment, but Scott gives directions on how to add yours.

2) While you are doing that, and if you do indeed blog about homeschooling, consider joining the Truth Laid Bear homeschool community page. All you need to do is send me an email or leave me a comment with the URL of your blog so I can verify that you are not engaging in illegal activity and do blog about something of interest to homeschoolers and I'll add you. The link to the community page is in my sidebar.

3) Entries for the Carnival of Kid Comedy are due tomorrow by midnight. It won't be as good without your entry. Just think up something funny your kids have done, blog about it, and follow the easy steps here. And Saturday all the world can enjoy the antics of your children.