Some "Light Blogging"
Thanks, Acceptance With Joy! Is that a compliment? She observes that I'm not one for "light blogging." That kind of depends, but mostly y'all get a digested version of what I'm reading about and reflecting upon. Right now, that happens to be a rather lengthy book about freedom and liberty, Psalm 119 and an article about how Christianity turns the faithful into scoffers (more on that later!) But, while I clean up this article I'm working on and get it into some sort of shape I'd be willing to affix my name to, I shall be engaging in some "light blogging."

First, an introduction...a new PAer! She has only been blogging since the end of the world (6/6/06), but already I think I'm going to like her. And if you read her blog, she is following the format for teacher preparation very nicely. And if you read this blog (which I assume you must be doing at least now), you will suddenly see some striking similarities between her postings and my general approach to blogging. Did PA do that to me? Not really...but I bet you can see immediately what draws me to it!

Also, my friend Shannon who is not new to blogging, but blogs rather infrequently has a new post up on patience. See, there IS something we PAers have in common. We like words, I think. We come up with entire entries...series even...on a single word.

Why is it that whenever I read something encouraging about something happening in the public schools, it has nothing to do with education? And you know, that will probably stick with them longer than any list of names and facts they had to memorize.

Also, an affluent Chicago school wins the lottery...What to do with 2.8 million?

Catez shares a great meme. If you do it, please leave me a comment so I can check it out...I could use the money, er, um, I mean I'd really like to get to know you better.

And, last but not least, the Carnival of Kid Comedy is up over at Why Homeschool. Take a look for some light entertainment!

That's it for now. How do you like my diet version of me?

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