Solutions in Education
I actually am a long-standing supporter of American public education, because I adhere strongly to the founding visions which lay at its beginnings. Our citizens cannot remain free if not educated. But as many have noticed recently, our public schools are failing and all the solutions seem to be bringing it further from the founding vision that united Americans behind the idea of public education. Sheryl comments on Spunky's blog:
I (and I thnk you probably feel this way too) feel the [public school] system is based on a faulty foundation and can't be fixed.
An anonymous commentor responds with a bit of realism:
I would love to see everyone homeschool, but it's not gonna happen. Some parents, for financial reasons, or out of laziness or ignorance, will never homeschool their children.

What's wrong with encouraging adults to do what they can to improve the public schools, for the sake of those children who will not be given any other choice but to attend them?
Is there a solution? It seems to me that all the solutions offered really only equate to holding your finger in the dike. The leak may slow, but until foundational repairs are made, the eventual erosion is inevitable. Homeschooling is, in one respect, only a temporary fix, an emergency meausre, as Anne Coulter says in the quote Spunky shared. Why would I, as a homeschooler myself, say this? Because it only shields my children from the problem. It does not solve it. There are millions of children in the public schools today who have no other option but to remain in a failing, godless system.

Do we, as Christians, have a responsibility to these children? Their parents hold the authority for the education of their own children. It isn't "my job." Or is it? Many homeschoolers seek to educate these parents who feel trapped in the system about a better way. How a person can budget and make do and scrimp a bit and usually afford to live on a single income. That's great for those who can, but what about the single woman living on welfare and her children?

Does the church not have a responsibility in this? I'm glad even those pastors against the homeschooling movement recognize that the schools are "pagan to the core" but what is the church's answer? Keep Christian children there and pray for their souls to be spared? Lead a nationwide exodus to remove Christian children from the school system? Put another way, why are private, Christian schools cost prohibitive?

I believe there is a solution, and it does not necessitate doing anything with the current public education system. Yes, I wish the structure would return to what it once was. The central government has no constitutional authority in education. But that is a huge monster we cannot hope to dismantle any time soon.

Instead, I think it is time that the church answer its call to equip and prepare all its members, including its children. What if our churches, and not just rich basketball players, shared this vision:
The Carver Academy offers elementary-age children a challenging academic program featuring small classes, leadership opportunities, and a nurturing family-like environment based upon the foundation of Judeo-Christian scripture. Graduates of The Carver Academy will be prepared for success in the nation's most competitive high schools and will display the highest levels of leadership, discipline, initiative and integrity. The Carver Academy welcomes children regardless of race, creed or financial status.
The Carver Academy was begun by former San Antonio Spurs player David Robinson. It was begun by what is believed to be the largest private donation of any NBA player in history. His vision was to begin a school with rigorous academic standard based on the Word of God for low income families. He desired to give these families a true choice in education. He also hoped that communities across the nation would recognize the need for similar schools and copy this model.

What if we, as the church in America, started our own free and public education system?

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