The Power of Three
I am convinced that three year olds are wild animals. Like Wild Smurf, here, they do not communicate well and yet have a persistence and dedication all their own. My Baby Bear is happiest outside, running free. Digging in the garden, watering the flowers and investigating the many six-legged critters that inhabit our backyard.

Inside is a different matter. He is still a touch on the wild side, but the activity level does not work as well in our 900 square foot house. Mostly, however, he is quite independent and a very good helper. He pours his own milk, getting most of it in the cup. He rinses the dishes, keeping most of the water in the sink. He dresses himself and leaves most of the rest of the clothes in the drawer. His love of reading may be evidenced by the pile of books that develops next to him as he reads each one from the shelf and lays it aside. When he sets himself to helping with chores, he is a sight to behold. His diligent efforts to wash walls and mop floors is truly commendable. He even helps lay out towels to sop up the lake he makes.

Oh, and did I mention he is blue, too? He got into some food coloring and, well, he looks just like a smurf. Isn't that just smurfy?

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