A Lesson Idea and Shared Thoughts on Graduation
This looks to be a cool idea. I'm going to have to get a couple of extra cameras.

And did homeschooling ruin his kid's life? Overall, a good article, but there are some things I take issue with. To me, it furthers the stereotype of homeschoolers as overprotective parents trying to shelter their children from the world. And that they never get out. As he muses about how isolated he felt in a private Christian school, he comments:
To me, my life seemed pale and boring. Through the eyes of my home-educated children, however, I was a world traveler.
The musings about high school graduation are nice though...especially when he gets to what the trade off really is.

Oh, and I was contemplating adding to my thoughts on how not to read a book, but then AcceptanceWithJoy added some thoughts. So I say, "Yeah. What she said."

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