A Call for Submissions, Other Carnivals and RSS
My actual post for today is here. It's my personal take on the whole fiasco with this thing with homeschooling in Belgium. But here is a listing of things I need to get to:

1) I'm hosting the Carnival of Kid Comedy this week. Please find some humor in your munchkins and forward it to me. You can use this handy submission form.

2)Also, if you wish to be most kind, you can let your readers know as well so that they can get busy on their posts which are due Friday by Midnight. The more the merrier.

3) In other carnival news, the Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Homeschoolbuzz. The Carnival of Family Life is up. And the Carnival of Liberty is up. Something relavent, something amusing and something thought-provoking. What more can one want?

4) Wondering what RSS is? Or do you know what it is, and want your readers to know? Here is a handy dandy blog entry that explains it all. Step by step. Don't forget that bit about subscribing to my blog. That is a key, but oft forgotten, step in setting up a bloglines account.

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