A Cornucopia of Happenings
First off, my good cyberfriend Anna-Marie has gone and become a vegetarian. That's a noteworthy event in anyone's life. I was a vegetarian for a whole month once, but that was for different reasons and I don't care to get into that right now. More importantly, she runs Principium, a great homeschool resource. It is set up for those using the Biblical Principle Approach, but the information is relevant to anyone desiring to teach from a biblical worldview. She runs this completely out of the goodness of her heart as a means of assisting other homeschoolers and makes no profit. However, bills are due and she needs to be able to pat them AND, graduations and all that Spring stuff is coming up. AND she is a wonderful artist. She makes beautiful, handmade books which she is offering at a discounted price. So you can get a beautiful gift for a loved one, and help out a fellow homeschooler...not to mention all the people who benefit from her website. Here's her post on the subject.

Second, the carnival of homeschooling is up over at thethinkingmother. Chek it out for a "Cornucopia of Wisdom."

Third, well. Who could pass this up?

Spunky is giving away a Benz Microscope and Apologia Biology Set this week. Click Here to get the details.