Advantages of Being the Baby
I have heard mothers with several children say that homeschooling the younger ones is eaier. For them, homeschooling is a way of life. There is no change in routine. They often have absorbed more during their distracting play than mom has given them credit for. Now, I believe them. My Baby Bug just turned 1 last week. But already she has learned so much. Her casual observation has taught her a lot about our family and how it works.

She knows that when mom pulls out the phonogram cards during reading, it is time to practice her many random sounds. And maybe throw in a rasberry or two.

She knows that girls in dresses are supposed to spin in circles.

She knows that when we play the classical music, it is time to go open her sister's drawer, take out a tutu and come ask mom to help put it on.

She knows when daddy comes home, it is time to stamp in the hall and squeal. She lags far behind her older siblings, but she tries her best to be part of the stampede.

She knows beds are for jumping on, not for sleeping.

She knows dads are for jumping on. She even growls like her brother while she tries to wrestle him.

She knows the toilet is a throne of honor and praise. She begs to sit on it like her brother and laps up the praise and attention.

And she knows that at bedtime, everyone goes to the basket for a book and comes and sits in mom's lap. She knows to turn the pages gently, point at the pictures and ask questions.

There is, however, a disadvantage to being a three year old boy in between two girls. Baby Bear does not see it that way yet, but he will when he is old enough to be embarrassed by his parents telling people about his childhood.

You see, he can't bear to be left out of the dancing and twirling. And when the girls are spinning in their dresses, he is apt to don one as well. And this morning, he appeared during our music session in his underwear and a tutu to practice his ballet moves.

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