I can't quite believe that Spunky has exited the blogosphere. She has been a strong presence and strong advocate for homeschooling since before I began blogging and one of the first blogs outside of my little PA "clique" I read regularly. I also can't quite believe that this will probably be the last time I link to her. It is odd how personal you can feel toward someone you never met.
I used to be rather active in email forums, and always missed when people just sort of faded out of existence on the e-list. Usually without a good-bye. At some point, I would just start wondering "whatever happened to so-and-so?" And now there are two lists I'm technically subscribed to, but rarely participate in. But somehow I can't quite bring myself to just exit, even though no one would even notice anymore.

All the best, Spunky. I wish you well, and hope you'll still have time to drop in once in awhile. Even if you aren't blogging. There aren't too many people out there I agree with on so many things. I'll keep my little coffee pot on over here for you. (I'd offer you your favorite Starbuck's but I don't think my husband would approve me breaking his boycott.)