81st Carnival of Homeschooling, Teacher In Service Edition
Welcome to the 81st Carnival of Homeschooling, where we are taking some time off teaching for some professional development. Teacher in-service days mean no school, so help your young scholars find something to do while you peruse the offerings. Whether a quick tip or research into how children learn, each presentation is designed to help you become a little better teacher and parent, with just a touch of controversy to keep it interesting.

All good meetings begin with a humorous anecdote. This one is brought to you by Dewey's Treehouse. Enjoy your in-service!


If you don't know what you are doing, you will never get it done. Write a simple vision statement! Presented by Trinity Prep School

The Wood Between the Worlds: what does home mean to you? Presented by The Little Homeschool on the Prairie

Why are you homeschooling? So you can keep up with the curriculum or so that you can teach your child? Presented by: Seeking Rest in the Ancient Paths

I am the bionic woman. Find out where your bionics come from. Presented by Mother-Lode

Why won't your son be going to kindergarten? A former public school teacher answers. Presented by boys + academy

Why is homeschooling so successful? The not-so-secret secret of educational success. Presented by Alasandra

Ten Little Commandments for the Home School. Presented by My Domestic Church

Teaching and Learning

Working Memory Training Presented by Sharp Brains

Testing and teacher competence. How do you measure up? Presented by Barbara Frank

Discover your learning style. Presented by The Online Education Database

Should everyone homeschool? Should you be homeschooling? Presented by Homeschooling Journey

Testing, No Child Left Behind and what you probably already do. Presented by Homeschool 2.0

Diagnosis: Pervasive Development Disorder. Presented by Homeschool Daze Blog

The number one rule of parenting. Presented by Just Enjoy the Journey

The Half-Life of Knowledge, teaching and learning in the 21st century. Presented by Principled Discovery


Planning the year. Presented by In Pursuit of Proverbs 31

Looking back: Planning with The Thinking Mother. Presented by The Thinking Mother

What are we doing? Setting goals for real life. Presented by The Voice of Experience

Setting short and long term goals. Presented by Lothlorien

Language Arts

Literature from Egypt. Presented by Trivium Pursuit

The Kingdom Series by Chuck Black. Warning: Spoilers! Presented by The Milk and Honey Tea House

"What's Smaller Than a Pygmy Shrew?" Presented by The Thomas Institute

English Translations of the Classics. Presented by Redbud's Lane

Create your own family newsletter. Presented by Beverly Hernandez

Physical Education

Give your kids a sport they can love. Presented by The Eclectic Telegragh

Incorporating the President's Challenge into your homeschool. Presented by Stepping Heavenward

Give your kids a break! Appreciate the downtime. Presented by Life Without School.

Idyllic evenings, a perfect example of downtime. Presented by salterblog.com

Home Economics

Education can be practical and delicious! Berry Picking 101, presented by Stop the Ride

Sew a simple puppet stage. Presented by HowToMe

Make learning delicious with this lollipop unit study. Speaker: broken homeschool


The principles of art appreciation. Presented by The Common Room

The artwork of summer. Presented by Heart of Harmony

Sharing artwork. Presented by SuperAngel


Explore nature with the nature study. Presented by Eclectic Homeschool

Make the science/literature connection with environmentally friendly books. Presented by Mommy Babble

Welcome to the electronics learning lab! Presented by Po Moyemu--In My Opinion


Learning tens is child's play! Presented by Let's Play Math

When should you start teaching your children about money? Presented by HomeschoolCPA

How do children understand math? Insights into the mind of a child. Presented by The Not Quite Crunchy Parent


Can you teach the masses to be individuals? Presented by Mom is Teaching

Promoting moral development. Presented by Why Homeschool

Misery loves company, helping girls through their difficult times. Presented by Dr. Deb

Uncooperative kids? An answer. Presented by Mom is Teaching

TV is bad. Children's television is worse. Presented by Life on the Road (I debated whether to say anything at all, but since it has been such a big deal in the past, yes, she sent him to bed without supper and quoted Michael Pearl. For some that will be offensive. For others I'm sure it will be welcome. And most of the world I think wouldn't understand why I'm even explaining this.)


Why should you do legal research? Presented by APMFormulators

Virginia School Division Policy Manuals and Central Virginia Government School Websites Presented by Po Moyemu-In My Opinion

Opinions for all: HSLDA and its multi-issue stance as a single-issue organization. Presented by Question the Culture

New Answer to an old question: is homeschooling legal? Presented by All Info About Homeschooling

A Notice to the Connecticut Department of Education. Presented by Consent of the Governed

The NEA's stance on abortion. Presented by No Fighting, No Biting

Why homeschool independently? Presented by Independent Homeschooling

Field Trips

Planning a trip to the museum? How about a free pass? Presented by Bending the Twigs

Enjoy some relaxed summer learning, where the lessons go well beneath the surface. Presented by Diary of 1

Beyond homeschool

Planning for college. Presented by Campus Grotto

Feminist homeschooling concerns. Presented by Just enough and Nothing More

Thank you for attending this in-service training. The Carnival of Homeschooling is maintained by Why Homeschool and submission guidelines may be found here. The next edition will be hosted at Tami's Blog.

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