Out of my email box
I knew I was forgetting a link. The Carnival of Stay At Home Moms is up over at Mommy Babble.

And this just barely came in my email box: The Christian Carnival over at Chasing the Wind.

What is a carnival? Wikipedia answers.

Let's see, what else has been emailed to me recently:

Nancy has written her first e-book. About giving your sons haircuts yourself. As you may have noticed from his pictures, the dog clippers work fine for our boy, but you might want your sons to be a bit more stylish.

Jill Novak sent me information about a free writing workshop she is hosting. And what do you know? Nancy has the information posted on her blog, so I'll just send you there. It is for Thursday, June 28 (yes, today by the time anyone reads this), so hurry if you are interested.

Hmm...a lot of things I cannot repeat here. Why on earth do they think I'd want that? And what happened to those delightful Nigerians who wanted me to help them launder money? Or the dying Christians who found my site and God told them to give me 3.2 million dollars?

Ooh! Can't miss this one. Some company in China wants to form a business partnership with me. I may not have time to blog, what with counting all the money they're wiring me.

What looks to be an interesting link was emailed to me, but I can't afford to pay $15 to view the article. Supposedly, they are arguing (or implying) that "school refusal" is linked to a genetic defect. I may have to do some digging and see what I can come up with...without paying.