Welcome to the world, little Peanut!
Here is our brand new little "Peanut," born Monday afternoon and weighing 8 pounds, 9 ounces.


Delivery was a little more eventful than in my previous pregnancies. As I moved into the transition phase, my blood pressure suddenly began dropping. The nurse lowered my head, raised my feet, and propped me on my side while I yawned incessantly. Less than 30 minutes from delivering this precious bundle and I was fighting to stay awake while the doctor and nurse just stood and watched my blood pressure as it slowly recovered. I had the feeling that maybe I should be a little more concerned, but at the time all I could think about was trying to not fall asleep.

We called my parents who had our other three children to let them know it was almost time. The doctor arrived and I had to push a whole two times before our precious Peanut was delivered by a student under the careful supervision of my obstetrician.

Family  4-17-2007 3-35-17 PM

On the phone, my little Baby Bear (far left) announced excitedly, "Oh, mommy! I can't wait to see the newborn baby!" He is infatuated with her and just stares at her continually.

Mouse, in the yellow shirt, decided she didn't like the name. She informed us that she will just call her "Kate." Or by her middle name. She is coming around, however, and is taking on the role of big sister (again) very well.

Bug, in her beloved tutu, was not quite sure what to make of the baby. Or, rather, we weren't quite sure what to make of her reaction. She was curious, but seemed fearful. We weren't sure whether she was afraid of the baby or for the baby. She wouldn't come close, but every time Bear reached out to touch her, Bug would point and shout, "No! Nice!" The first time she came up for a closer look, Peanut began to fuss and Bug backed away quickly, looking quite concerned. Now, she can't take her eyes off her baby sister and wants to pet her continually.

After labor, I was nauseated, began vomiting and had to have an injection before I finally was moved over to the postpartum room where I slept through our first visit with my parents and children. I did not get to hold the baby as much as I would have liked in the beginning because of the dizziness and nausea. Once that cleared up, however, she got to snuggle right up. She is a most content little bundle.

Even if she does not like baths.


Due to some initial concerns, Peanut had to have a few tests. Everything was completely normal, and she enjoyed stretching out under the heat lamp.


I can't quite believe how different each of my children are...even from birth. Each is a special creation. Now I'm going to stop gawking at the pictures of this tiny miracle and go stare at my real live one, even though she is sound asleep.