Keeping Sociable on Long Trips
I can't believe that it is almost here already, but next week we shall be leaving on vacation. Due to my husband's job, we STILL do not know exactly when we will be leaving, but we will be gone almost two weeks as we travel across five states with an end destination in deep south Texas. We will be stopping to see the zoo in Tulsa with fellow blogger principledmom, visiting Sea World in San Antonio and lounging on South Padre where we hope to jump on one of the many little charters to go see dolphins in the wild. Somewhere along the way, I hope to meet up with a former student of mine who has been writing me off and on since I left teaching.

So how do we plan to remain civil to one another through almost 2400 miles of travel? Here is our growing list of distractions and please feel free to add any of your own suggestions.

  1. Make frequent stops to stretch. About ten minutes every two hours.
  2. Those silly toys we keep collecting from kids meals? We keep them in a bag in the car and they are only played with there. What child doesn't like "new" toys?
  3. Pack some activities. Coloring books, books and other things which don't take up much room.
  4. I will be reading the travel log of Marco Polo as we prepare for the start of school when we return. We will also be making our own log books of our vacation, complete with daily notes, sketches and other travel information.
  5. We've requested a travel package from each state we'll be travelling through. As we enter each state, I'll hand the children the packet of guides, maps and brochures to study. We'll see what cities we travel through, practice some map skills and talk about the features of each state.
  6. Prepare for hours of Twenty Questions and other similar games!
  7. Bring plenty of water and healthy travel snacks.
  8. Travel "Bingo" or other home made travel games using an old cookie sheet and magnets.
  9. Books.
  10. Audio books.
  11. Coloring books and colored pencils...and puzzle books, etc.
  12. Field guides for looking up native wildlife....especially interesting when traveling across different environments. Did you know there are alligators in South Texas? And flamingos? And wild parrots? Not to mention the dolphins? Definitely not the typical Nebraska fare.
Here are several travel tips provided by Teri Ann Berg Olsen.

And for something to do while I'm gone since I know you all will miss me so terribly much. I wish I had found out about this early enough to inform you in case you wanted to participate, but here are links to a number of blogs participating in ProBlogger's group writing project. Peruse the lists and share your favorites. Or just enjoy the variety.

Here is an interesting one which highlights various government agencies which the author believes need to be done away with...including the Department of Education.

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