New Community
The Truth Laid Bear has just finished up another round of updates and tweaks. And finally granted an old request. We now have a community page just for homeschoolers!

I added a few people just because I didn't want to be the only person in there. If you would like to join the little community over there, check out the site and see what you think. Read the following guidelines and make sure you are ok with them. Then send me an email and let me know.

1) I would like this community to be predominantly about homeschooling. If your blog isn't really about homeschooling, even though you homeschool, perhaps you could start a community? I understand, however, that homeschooling covers vastly more than books and lesson plans. If you have any questions, ask!

2) I generally favor discourse over exclusion. I do not view a community such as this the same as I view a marriage or a business partnership or church attendance. Therefore, I do not feel "yoked" to other participants. Inclusion of a blog is not an endorsement of every view of the applicant on any issue whether it be religious, child rearing, political or otherwise, nor is it an endorsement of the views of their blogging hosts, their blogrolls, their advertisers or anything else. It only means I checked out their site and from what I could see, they talk about homeschooling.

3) If you notice something that is inappropriate or offensive, please direct it to me privately and not in a public comment.

4) I only ask that you put a link back to the community page so that others will know that it exists and benefit from the updates. It is like having the front page of a newspaper just for homeschoolers! Find a nice place in your sidebar...I can help you with the code if you need it.

5) Other than that, all I need to know is your blogsite. You can leave it in comments or email me. Whichever you prefer. I'll let you know when I add it, but TTLB can take a few hours to update, so be patient!

I have an image there, but for some unknown reason it is all squished and does not look nice. If anyone out there with some artistic talent...or with children who need something to do...would like to make a neat little button, that would be really cool.

Hope you like it! And to view my home page, click here.